Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honor us with your presence!

Doing honors next year?
If there‛s one thing that belongs on your “to do” list before you leave
campus for the summer, this is it…
Come to a study break the Library is hosting just for you!
Date: Wednesday, May 14
Time: 4-5 pm
Place: Azariah‛s Café, Mudd Academic Commons
Are you wondering...
· how to apply for a scholar study?
· if you can check books out over the summer?
· how to access online resources from off campus?
· how to sign up for a research appointment with a librarian?
· if it‛s possible to get materials the library doesn‛t own?
· why Google Scholar sometimes asks for $ (and how to avoid paying!)
· whether the library wants a copy of your completed honors paper?
Come find out!! Snacks and friendly librarians await you!


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