Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OLDO: Database of the Week

Studying for your German language exam? Translating a French poem for your final project? Writing your research paper in Spanish? Practicing for an Italian opera? Want to know what holidays are celebrated in France? Going to Italy this summer and want to learn some common phrases?

Then check out the Oxford Language Dictionaries Online!

The Oxford Language Dictionaries Online currently features over 1.2 million words and phrases, and over 2 million translations. It is a fully searchable comprehensive bilingual dictionary for French, German, Italian and Spanish. You will find up to date translations of not only formal terms, but slang, vulgarities and phrases. You can use contextual clues and examples to assist you in choosing exactly the right term. You will find both easy quick look-up options as well as advanced searches for more in depth language research.

You will find this great resource listed on the library web page under Reference Sources.


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