Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tonight! Free distractions!

Take advantage today of several free distractions, all delightfully designed for your procrastination pleasure:

FREE BOOKS! Scavenge through the tables of free books in front of Mudd. As a promotional kickoff for tonight's film screening, we're giving away books! These library discards are no longer needed because they're duplicate copies, or they're over 30 years old, no one's checked them out in at least 12 years, and there are more than 10 copies owned by other OhioLINK schools.

FREE FLICK! 9:30 pm tonight, on the outside front wall of Mudd. Come to a special screening of student Lela Hull's groundbreaking film "The Resourcerer's Apprentice." Guaranteed to ease your worries over that 20-page paper or those looming exams.

FREE SNACKS & CAFFEINE! After the movie, stick around for cookies, brownies, and coffee, thoughtfully supplied by the Student Friends of the Library. Starts at 10 pm.

Good luck on those final papers, projects, and exams!


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