Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Japanese extensive reading exhibit at Mudd (日本語多読 ~読書の秋~)

This four-week Japanese Extensive Reading Exhibit is jointly organized by OC's East Asian Studies Program and East Asian Collections at Mudd Library. This exhibit is currently featured on the official blog of NPO Japanese Extensive Reading Study Group.

Feel free to grab some books to read while you are at Mudd. If you have any questions, please contact Sachiko Condo at scondo@oberlin.edu or Xi Chen at xchen@oberlin.edu

What is 多読(ta-do-ku)?

‘Ta’ in tadoku means ‘a lot’, and ‘doku’ means ‘to read’.

But no.

You don’t read a lot of difficult books. Start reading EASY books that you can enjoy.

Easy books are good for understanding. -> You understand well so you read more.-> Reading becomes a fun thing to do. ->So you read even more. ->Your Japanese gets better and better.

That’s tadoku!

(cited from tadoku.org)


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