Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Puzzle Hunt is up in Mudd Library!

Find the 1st clue on the right side of the Research Desk in the Academic Commons! Bragging rights as well as some sweet prizes are located along the way...   Hosted by the Oberlin College Student Friends of the Library (OCSFL*).
* What exactly is OCSFL, you may ask?  It's an on-campus organization that seeks to involve students in the libraries. OCSFL keeps students informed of important developments in the libraries, asks for student perspectives on how to improve services, and organizes events for students.  Anyone who likes the library should join! You'll receive regular news updates about the library as well as invitations to super-cool events.

To join:  Email Jesse Gamoran (  Include your OCMR, major (if you have one), and your class year!


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