Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Don't miss art installation in Mudd

Come view an installation by Jonathan Weisburst 'OC 12 in an Academic Commons group study room on the main level of Mudd. From Tues., Nov. 9 through noon on Thu. Nov. 11, Mudd 101C will be transformed into a 1950s living room, complete with its own nuclear family. "What happens to all that we throw away or discard?" writes Weisburst. "So much is tossed aside these days as we continue to ravenously consume. This art installation is a commentary on this social norm of waste. Through various collection methods, I was able to gather furniture, clothing, newspaper, sheets, and ink that was going to be thrown out, or given away. By re-appropriating these objects for art, I have been able to recycle what otherwise would have been wasted. The 1950s aesthetic is a commentary on both the age in which wasteful consumerism in America was born, as well as an homage to the past use and history of these forgotten THINGS."

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