Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come see how RefWorks can save your life!

Drop-in RefWorks workshops will be held TODAY (March 11) at 11am and 4pm. Find out what RefWorks is, why it's so cool, and what it can do for you. Learn how to:
  • build your database by automatically importing citations into RW from library catalogs and research databases
  • organize and edit your citations once they're in your RW database
  • create in-text citations and bibliographies -- as you write your paper -- with just a few clicks
Bring your RefWorks questions to the library classroom (Mudd 113) and get some answers. Find out how RefWorks really can save your research life -- or at least make it easier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't do anything on Thursdays! I too am a die-hard fan of RefWorks, however I didn't know you could create in-text citations. I wish I could have come!!!

4:53 PM  

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