Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Imagine that!

"Marquis Who's Who" is available now on the A-to-Z list of databases.
I can search by name, town, college, or political affiliation.
I did a search today by occupation for "performance artist" to see if there were any living in the area who might like to visit Oberlin.
I looked up Ray English, our own director of Libraries and arbiter of the eponymous "RAE board." Now I know a lot about him. He has a degree in German and a PhD from the University of North Carolina. He's been the Library Director since I was in the seventh grade. Imagine that.

Marquis Who's Who is known for covering the well-known and those perhaps only locally famous. Anybody can be selected for entry. If you are prominent in your field, Who's Who will find you.
If one is feeling left out, Marquis Who's Who accepts self-nominations.
Submitting your own biographical material means that notables in "Who's Who" update their own entries and keep them current.

If you would like to know Ray's birthday or perhaps something more mundane as Kazuo Ishiguro's employment history (it involves grouse beating), check out
Marquis Who's Who in the A-Z list of databases located on the library homepage.

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