Friday, May 23, 2008

Welcome Alumni, Parents, and Families!

You are warmly invited to attend the following library events during Commencement Weekend. Refer to the Commencement Schedule for more information.

Saturday, May 24th
Friends of the Library Reception
Goodrich Room, Mudd Center (4th floor)

The Resourcerer's Apprentice, a special screening of the film directed by Lela Hull '09
shown on the front wall of Mudd Center

Sunday, May 25th
Exhibition and Open House, Clarence Ward Art Library, Allen Art addition

Science on the Web: Where's the Good Stuff?
Science Library, Science Center

Ongoing Exhibits
100 Years in the Life of Oberlin Shansi
Academic Commons, Main Level, Mudd Center

Spotlight on the Collection: Books on Translation & Books related to Oberlin Shansi
Academic Commons, Main Level, Mudd Center

Treasures from Special Collections
Goodrich Room, 4th floor, Mudd Center

Envelope Art: Poster and Artistamps from 1890-1990
Clarence Ward Art Library,

Monday, May 19, 2008

Are you persistently punctual?

If so, you may not want to rely on the clocks in campus buildings this week, as B&G reports that they aren't keeping pace:

"As many of you have noticed, the clocks in the academic and office spaces are off by at least 15 minutes through out campus. These building clocks are all run off of one central system. We have isolated the problem and found that it is only accessible through the manhole in the Finney parking. This manhole also has a major steam leak. We will make the repairs to the clock system once the steam has been shut off. We are hoping to be able to access this manhole between May 26-29 or the first week of June."

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honor us with your presence!

Doing honors next year?
If there‛s one thing that belongs on your “to do” list before you leave
campus for the summer, this is it…
Come to a study break the Library is hosting just for you!
Date: Wednesday, May 14
Time: 4-5 pm
Place: Azariah‛s Café, Mudd Academic Commons
Are you wondering...
· how to apply for a scholar study?
· if you can check books out over the summer?
· how to access online resources from off campus?
· how to sign up for a research appointment with a librarian?
· if it‛s possible to get materials the library doesn‛t own?
· why Google Scholar sometimes asks for $ (and how to avoid paying!)
· whether the library wants a copy of your completed honors paper?
Come find out!! Snacks and friendly librarians await you!

It's not too late for research help

drop by the information desk or sign up for an appointment.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tonight! Free distractions!

Take advantage today of several free distractions, all delightfully designed for your procrastination pleasure:

FREE BOOKS! Scavenge through the tables of free books in front of Mudd. As a promotional kickoff for tonight's film screening, we're giving away books! These library discards are no longer needed because they're duplicate copies, or they're over 30 years old, no one's checked them out in at least 12 years, and there are more than 10 copies owned by other OhioLINK schools.

FREE FLICK! 9:30 pm tonight, on the outside front wall of Mudd. Come to a special screening of student Lela Hull's groundbreaking film "The Resourcerer's Apprentice." Guaranteed to ease your worries over that 20-page paper or those looming exams.

FREE SNACKS & CAFFEINE! After the movie, stick around for cookies, brownies, and coffee, thoughtfully supplied by the Student Friends of the Library. Starts at 10 pm.

Good luck on those final papers, projects, and exams!

To renew or not to renew?

Today is the due date for most books, scores, and government publications! So what should you do if you still need your books?

We know that many of you are still using these materials, and you should feel free to keep using your material through reading period and exams. Remember that special due dates still apply to reserve materials, periodicals, recalled items, interlibrary loans, OhioLINK materials and other short-term loan items, and you will be responsible for fines if the items are returned overdue.

If you're finishing an incomplete, you can keep the books until you're finished with them. Please complete a Request for Summer privileges form, and after we've processed it, renew your books.

If you're a returning student who's remaining in Oberlin for the summer, you're welcome to claim summer borrowing privileges and check out books. Please do renew any materials you'd like to keep for the summer, after we've processed your summer privileges request form. We will hold your enrollment for fall semester if you don't return or renew the materials that you have checked out and that are due before the end of the semester.

Do you want to check on what you currently have checked out and when it's due? Just access your account at

Do you have other questions about end-of-semester policies and procedures? Check out our FAQ, or contact any circulation supervisor for advice.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about your library account or our policies! Best of luck in the final days of the semester!

Allison Gallaher
Head of Circulation

Friday, May 09, 2008

April Acquisitions...

Bring May... biblio-conniptions??
See what new books popped up last month!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

OLDO: Database of the Week

Studying for your German language exam? Translating a French poem for your final project? Writing your research paper in Spanish? Practicing for an Italian opera? Want to know what holidays are celebrated in France? Going to Italy this summer and want to learn some common phrases?

Then check out the Oxford Language Dictionaries Online!

The Oxford Language Dictionaries Online currently features over 1.2 million words and phrases, and over 2 million translations. It is a fully searchable comprehensive bilingual dictionary for French, German, Italian and Spanish. You will find up to date translations of not only formal terms, but slang, vulgarities and phrases. You can use contextual clues and examples to assist you in choosing exactly the right term. You will find both easy quick look-up options as well as advanced searches for more in depth language research.

You will find this great resource listed on the library web page under Reference Sources.

Books, books, books ...

Noted book collector Robert Jackson will speak on Collecting and the Future of the Book at 5:00pm on Tuesday May 6th in the Goodrich Room (4th floor of Mudd). His collecting interests include Victorian literature (especially Dickens), Rockwell Kent, the history of the book, American fiction, color plate collections, Southeast Asian manuscripts, and Oceanic and African arts. He previously owned an archive of William Burroughs materials.

Also, at this event the Student Friends of the Library will announce the winner of the Student Book Collection Competition. Finalists include Peter Nowogrodski, James Rowell, and Devin Myers. Selections from their collections are currently on display in the Academic Commons.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Film screening: Oberlin response to Kent State shootings

Tonight! 7 pm, Monday, May 5. A film produced cooperatively in 1970 by OC students & staff; written and edited by Richard Haass. Running time 23 minutes. Academic Commons classroom (Mudd 113). Followed by a reception and discussion in Azariah's Cafe. Sponsored by the Student Friends of the Library.

Coffee with Krislov study break

Tonight! 10pm, Monday, May 5th. Come relax and chat with OC prez Marvin Krislov. Azariah's Cafe (Academic Commons, Mudd Center). Coffee will be served.

Writing a research paper?

Writing a research paper? Sign up for a research appointment. Throughout the day,
there are many slots open. If in a pinch or not able to sign up ahead, drop by the reference desk at any time. If you are holed up in your room, chat with us on Meebo. No question too large or too small! We can help with any stage of the research process. We really like to help with finding you the best and most relevant books, articles, and high-quality websites on your topic; searching electronic databases; evaluating the quality of your information sources. Whether by appointment, on the fly or at the last minute, let us blow your mind a little. It’s our job.

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